6 Advantages of Using LED Downlights

Light emitting diodes technology used in LED inbouwspots and other devices is keeping breaking records in efficiency and productivity. Many people stick to its traditional usage, others make installations to make the lighting of their house more special. Anyways, the benefits of using such a technology are obvious.

The main advantages of having LED spots are:

    • The first benefit is long life of such lights, as most LED spotjes are operational for up to 100,000 hours. Calculating the years, you will be able to use the lights for about 11 years if they are on constantly, or 22 years if they work 50% of time. Most people use their lights for about 8 hours a day, and with such a consumption one bulb will last for about 20 years.
    • The most money-saving benefits is the efficiency of LED spot inbouwspots, which is 80-90%. It means that 80-90% of the electricity used is converted into light – the main aim of the lighting devices. The rest is converted into heat, which isn’t a lot and doesn’t cause much losses. Another thing is traditional lights that work at about 20% efficiency, meaning that other 80% are lost and converted into heat. With such a usage, only one fifth of the money you pay for electricity will go for actual lighting.
    • Eco-friendliness.
      A LED inbouwspot usually doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that may be dangerous for a human or environment. For comparison, some traditional lights may contain mercury and other chemicals that are quite dangerous. You can decrease your carbon footprint by one third if you switch to diodes. Besides, they are 100% recyclable, so no harm is done to the environment in any way.
    • No harmful UV emissions.
      You can use bathroom led lights inbouwspots badkamer and other types of LED lights without the danger of harmful UV exposure consequences. Such lights are also suitable for storages of goods that are sensitive to UV light and heat. This includes museums, archeological sites, galleries, etc. Even if the lights are on constantly at your home, they are 100% safe, with only about 10-20% heat emission and no UV.
  • Design variety.
    Whatever you want to glow, you can decorate it with inbouw LED spots. It’s possible to make the lighting devices almost invisible as a part of a handrail or a floor decoration. There are also different designs of lights you can use to highlight some special things at your home. If you have no plans to make changes in your home design, you can simply use such lights instead of your traditional lighting devices.
  • Wide range of working capabilities.
    You can use LED inbouwspots dimbaar to create a special dimmable environment which will be suitable for special conditions. Such lights also operate in extremely cold and hot conditions, so using them outdoor is also a good idea. For fluorescent lamps, for example, working in cold temperatures is almost impossible.

To Sum Up

LED spots inbouw are a good choice for any place that needs efficient safe lighting. You can install such lights all around your house and use them 24/7, still reducing your electricity bills and saving environment. LED lights have no UV emissions and harmful chemicals, they are recyclable and can work for up to 22 years or even more if you wish. You can use them as a part of your unique home design or as a highlight to some of its important parts.