The Investment Collectables’ lighting collection is mainly an antique one, with a couple of extraordinary newer devices as its subset. Years later it may become an educational collection, showing people the history of lighting. Every light is chosen and bought on an auction or from old houses, so each one has a different story. All the stories are written down, which makes our set of lights very special to us and to those who look at them.

We have started collecting lights about 10 years ago, when we happened to have a set of 5 very old lights. Each one was so unique and beautiful that we decided we may find some more. And we did, establishing an astonishing collection for everyone to find their pleasure looking at.

The set is going from the oldest lights to the newest, and the first in the row is a tiny lighting from 1850. It’s followed by some more from 1860 and further to 1950. A century of lighting styles and materials is present in our collection, and we are searching for more lights to fill the rows.

A couple of years ago, we decided to add some modern lighting devices to the set, putting them a bit aside. They will also become antique one day, so we thought maybe it would be a good idea. The modern part includes some of the LED lightings of different designs and shapes, and they look amazing if you turn all of them on.

We don’t apply to participate in exhibitions often, but we’re always open for suggestions. You can also look through our collection and buy some of the lightings. We have some lights that are the same, so in case you like one of those, we can discuss the price. For more information on buying something from our collection, please, contact us.

We are also open for information on antique lights we don’t have yet. If you’re holding an auction including something we may be interested in, we also ask you to contact us. Most of the best antique lightings in the world are bought at auctions, as well as the large part of our collection. One day, we may be holding our own auction, sharing our collection and selling it to someone who would continue what we are doing now.

Lights collections are special, as when all the lightings are on, it’s quite a view! If you are interested, go on and contact us to learn more on where and how you can see our set.